Search engine optimization, SEO, also known as search engine placement and search engine positioning, is the process of improving a web site for higher search engine rankings. It should be the first step in achieving higher rankings with any web design. There is a pervasive myth among web site operators that simply submitting their URL to hundreds or thousands of search engines will increase traffic to their web site and thus, increase sales. Another myth is that simply inserting META tags in your web pages will also increase your traffic. Both are just not true! META tags and search engine submission are highly recommended; however, by themselves these steps will not get you anywhere.

Although a company that specializes in SEO, (not web design), would do a more thorough job, we build your site with SEO in mind. This has to do with key word placement in titles, subtitles, article content, links and even alt tags for images, (these are in the underlying web page code). We submit your site’s url to the main search engines from which other search engines derive their links. We tell our clients that a very important element in successful SEO is incoming links. Consequently, we provide them with directory listings that can help them in that pursuit.

We also guide our clients' content creation process. We realize that content is key in website optimization. Content is the number one reason why visitors are looking for a certain site. If websites make it difficult for the visitor to find them or their content, the visitors will find other websites more easily. A website's content should fulfill a need for the visitor; whether this need is for information, merchandise or a service, and it should communicate it clearly.